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Something about the name Jesus

I recently wrote about being distracted and letting the "busy" settle in. I felt off this weekend and I couldn't pinpoint why I felt disconnected or why I felt like something was missing. But tonight in my bible study I found out why: it was God. I missed my time with Him. I filled His space with things that were so incredibly fleeting that offered only temporary satisfaction that left me feeling emptier than before. But when I get into the presence of God there's something about his presence that changes everything. There is a profound difference in my heart posture, energy level, and level of satisfaction that I feel when I spend time in God's word.

Kirk Franklin says it best "something about the name Jesus, it is the sweetest name that I know" in his song Something About the Name Jesus. I never understood it until literally right now. That the name of Jesus and his word is the sweetest thing there is. In the presence of Jesus everything changes and it changes for the better. I don't know if I can describe it but I'll try my best. I feel on fire. I feel so incredibly full of life right now. I feel at peace. I feel invincible. I feel supernaturally loved. There's something about the name Jesus that makes the whole world stop. Where all of my problems are laid out at the door and they just can't come in. I left all my fears, insecurities, and anxious thoughts at the threshold and they cannot come through because God's perfect love drives out all fear.

So when I find myself overcompensating for something that only God can truly give me like love, I need to recognize that I need to go back to the source. I need to go back to God and spend more time in his presence. For he tells me who I am, he tells me what I have down inside of me, and he tells me he loves me. I really lack nothing in this world and I have all that I need right here right now. But as I go out into the world I often forget that I have more than enough. I serve a God of abundance, the God who created the heavens and the hearth, the God who formed the universe -- don't you think that I'd be taken care of? I'm his child, his daughter who is so fearfully and wonderfully made. I don't have children myself but I have a dad who fiercely loves me. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect and provide for me. If that's just my earthly father just think about our heavenly father.

So breathe. Take a second and invite him in. Acknowledge his presence and sit with Christ. Get into your Bible and just go through a story. The word of God is the only book that reads you as you read it back. You'll see yourself in the characters and you will be transformed.

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