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Too much Vulnerability?

As I am editing my newest episode for my podcast, PERSONABLE, I can't help but think am I being too vulnerable? Am I becoming too honest with who I am and does the perception that I give off make me sound weak? I question that what I say sometimes and wonder if it poorly reflects my family and displays me in a negative light. I had all these thoughts in my head and questioned why would I even want to create this blog. But I had to realize that this is what vulnerability is all about. The world conditions us to shut others other, keep everything in, and pretend that everything is okay. When we all know that no one ever has it all together and that everyone has those dark secrets, worries that keep them up at night, and struggles with the ability to show up and be seen. From Beyonce to Bill Gates to the single mother and the man sleeping on the sidewalk we all struggle, so why not be real about it?

To be vulnerable is being bold, courageous, and daring enough to show up and be seen. It's being brave enough to recognize how you feel and crazy enough to tell others. I spoke on the struggle of authenticity in PERSONABLE and it's so real because it's a constant choice I have to make to let others see who I am. I have to choose to not just immediately respond "I'm great" when people ask me how I'm doing. I have to choose to tell my friend that I'm struggling with jealously or I'm trying to overcome selfishness instead of brushing off a situation. I have to choose to reveal the "bad things" to other people in order to experience true human connection and ultimately growth/healing.

Whoever said vulnerability is a weakness has never been vulnerable because it's one of the hardest things I've ever done. But once you do it there's something painfully liberating about being fully seen and known by other people, I don't know how to describe it so I'm just going to challenge you to try it out. I challenge you to show up and just be honest with yourself. Be honest about how you feel and be honest with how a situation or a person affected you. Then be courageous enough to let others see you for you. Be bold, be daring, and be courageous; I believe in you.

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