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  • Lena Jennings

Placement and Purpose

The amount of times I've said "oh how funny that ____ happened" or "wow how random that we met today" while I'm traveling around the world and just throughout my daily life has to be in the hundreds of thousands by now. I give coincidence way too much credit in the way that my life plays out when it's God who is orchestrating it all. It's no coincidence that this happened, nor was it simply me being in the right place at the right time it's all God who planned for this moment to happen long before we were a twinkle in our mother's

eye (like my grandmother would say...a hyperbole meaning long before we were even thought of or born of our mothers). This is the power of placement and purpose where we have no control over a situation but somehow God works it out in our favor. He knows the plans that He has for us; God promises us plans to prosper us, giving hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

I think about all these examples of placement and purpose in my life that seem like big coincidences that God planned out and it all has to deal with people. I think about my parents and how they just so happened to go to the same private catholic high school even though my paternal grandmother couldn't afford tuition for my dad and still sent him there. My parents meet and just so happen to fall into the same friend group and fall in love to create me. I think about how my dad just so happened to sell a home to a newlywed couple up the hill from our house and ended up befriending them and they had a child that became my god sister and someone whom I started a ministry with. I think about how it was so random that I saw a black girl walking the streets of Shanghai as a solo traveler and I ended up befriending her as we traveled throughout Bali together and now we are in Colombia traveling together. To you it might be so random, so funny, or a coincidence but to me that's placement and purpose.

It's being right where you are and being bold enough to brave human connection to accept what God has for you. It's all about being still enough to "follow your heart" and listen to your "senses" but to me that's the same as being obedient to the voice of God. God will place people in our lives and along out pathway for us to just take that first step, to say "hi" and be vulnerable. You never know what doors that "hi" could open: a new friend, a significant other, a business partner, a new job, or anything else you might need in that season of your life. I dare you to step outside of your comfort zone and brave human connection because that will allow you to experience placement and purpose.

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