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I struggle with saying no. I will take on tasks that I don't want to take on, I will join organizations that I don't want to join, I will do things when I don't have time to do them, I will do things when on the inside I am complaining to myself saying - I don't want to do this. Is it because I want to please everyone? Is it because I don't want to disappoint anyone? I don't know how or why I am at this point of wanting to do everything, maybe that'll require some more reflection on my end so stay tuned.

I recently said no to a commitment that I had and I was terrified to do it. I dreaded the conversation that had to be had and I put it off for two weeks. Even though I practiced the conversation in my head a hundred times I still could not get myself to say those words to the person. I eventually had to text them and tell them no because I was too afraid of saying no in person. I apologized too many times, gave 1 too many excuses, and I felt badly afterwards. I've struggled with it for years and I realized that I can't keep sacrificing my time for others especially when I'm not fulfilled.

When I said no I finally had the time to start PERSONABLE, invest more time in my relationships, and get more than 5 hours of sleep. I needed that extra time and I was so much more happy because I got rid of that obligation. I saw the value of my time and the value of putting myself first. I committed to only say yes to things that align with my purpose and the things that got me excited. Saying no to others is simply saying yes to yourself. It's time that we practice self care and say no unapologetically. The world requires so much from us but what do we give to ourselves? Dare to say no for once and for all (without making excuses) and see what you do with that extra time.

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