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The Struggle of Authenticity

I recently released my story told in the rawest form and I continuously had/have to come to grips with the fact that vulnerability is one of the hardest things one can do. It's easy to be someone you're not and it's even easier to believe you're someone that you definitely are not. It's hard to come to grips with who you actually are but even harder to let other people see who you are.

In episode one, I told my story of how God used my situation and transformed my dark times into a testimony to help others find freedom. I let go of the details and spoke on how God used my situation for my good. I can only say now that I endured all that I had to endure to get me to this point of telling others that their story is all part of God's master plan. It is getting through the low points that you realize who your authentic self is. Discovery takes place when you're stripped away of the identity that you built for yourself and are left with the man/women that you've created in God. I truly realized that God's grace is sufficient in those times and I learned to lean not on my own understanding but His.

Being authentic for me is the courage to be vulnerable with yourself and others. Authenticity is letting yourself be unapologetically seen and known by others. It's believing that you are worthy of being loved just as you are. But most importantly being authentic is about looking inwardly to your soul, looking inwardly to your truth and knowing without a doubt that you are a child of a King. My struggle of authenticity is one that I where I have to constantly choose to show up and be seen. I struggle to speak up when I feel hurt or attacked but in my life long journey of being vulnerable and authentically braving connection I is something that I have to consciously choose do with each interaction I have.

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