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Church Music

Music and I don't mix. We are like oil and water. Well. Maybe that's dramatic. If it wasn't for my friends who are either artists making music or my friends who are so into the newest releases. I don't even know the proper terminology for music so I'm just going to stop. But what I do know is church music. In my car I either listen to KLOVE, my favorite church music radio station or I listen to silence, it's never an in between.

There's power in church music but in reality it's not the music. It's not the singing, it's not the instruments, or the catchy lyrics -- it's about having that moment with God. That moment of intimacy where you get a chance to bask in His presence. It's about that encounter with God where you can leave your problems behind and focus on His goodness. I used to laugh at my mom for crying randomly while washing the dishes listening to church music or driving in the car she'd just break out into praise but I get it now. It's a feeling that I want everyone to be able to experience, it's a feeling that's different for everyone but when it happens you'll know it.

I had a moment to the song "The Way" (New Horrizon) by Pat Barrett. The song was on my spirit because of the lyrics "all my fears and doubts, they can all come too because they can’t stay long when I’m here with You." This was the day I released, Episode 1: My Story, and I was so fearful of the reaction I would receive. I was fearful of letting people see my scars and how they would perceive me. But why? If God is for me who can be against me? God has given me a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. God has given me a gift that the world cannot give - peace of mind and heart. So I have no reason to be troubled or afraid. For that reason, I just started bawling in the car because that spirit of fearlessness came over me and I knew that God was going to do great things in my life.


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