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Do I Live a Personable Life?

Creating this podcast has forced me to reflect on my life to see if I live this so called "personable life." It's been season of deep reflection because I realized that I was far from personable. I lived my life with a mask: numbing my emotions, holding my thoughts, in and never being fully known to many. So do I live a personable life? No. But I know that I'm only human and I'm trying to be better, I'm trying softer. I as opposed to trying harder and failing at being vulnerable right away I am going to try softer and take baby steps to get to the me that I want to be.

PERSON-ABLE and this blog will document my journey to self-awareness and how I can become more bold, more courageous, and more vulnerable with myself to discover who God has called me to be. This isn't going to be an easy journey and it's going to be hard for me to take myself out of my comfort zone to reveal the ways in which God is working on me but bear with me. I'm taking a risk but there's a high reward and I want the same thing for you in your life. Take the pledge and from here on out dare to authentically brave connection with yourself, God, and others.

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