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  • Lena Jennings

What am I Rooted in?

My God Sister, Briana (who I will affectionately refer to as my Sissy), and I recently started a bible study group called Connect to Be [Join us every Thursday at 6:30pm at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA]. We felt as though a lot of people in our age group have so much negative connotations associated with church, most of us grew up in church forced to go by our parents/grandparents but once we got old enough to make our own decisions about church we stopped going. We are a generation of people who are identify as being "spiritual" but can someone explain to me what that means? We wanted to normalize the conversation about God and start to explore what a relationship with Him looks like in our day and age.

With that said our bible study this week focused on what we were rooted in and how that affects our trust in God and our relationship with Him. We read from Jeremiah 17:7-8 and we closed with a prayer from Ephesians 3:17. The past few weeks we've been covering topics that allow us to fully know who we are in Christ with the main premise being that He loves [us]. Our prayer was that we would grow rooted in His love to keep [us] strong but yet I realized that's not what I'm rooted in.

It sounds good to say that I'm rooted in God and that I fully trust Him but I had to honest with myself to say that I'm really not. Jeremiah 17 talks about the folly of man (I had to look up what folly meant because I was like huh?) and how we place our trust in our riches, others, and ourselves; in doing so we "have no hope for the future" (ooo...). So I had to reflect: if I'm not rooted in the Lord, then what am I rooted in? It hit me, the past. I'm rooted in the past and everything that once was. I spend so much time on what I once had and missing that thing or that someone that I ignore the things that God has given me in this season of my life. I fixate on what I did, what I had, and what I accomplished instead of being focused on God. God - I pray that you shift my attention to You. I pray that I become rooted in your love to know that you have plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future.

Imagine life if we fully trust God..what would that even look like? Next week's lesson is all on fearlessness and what that looks like with God. So stay tuned!

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