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The Blog

I’ve always craved community. I wanted to be deeply loved by others but I didn’t know how to be known. I’ve been a great listener but never good about sharing. So where did that leave me? It left me surrounded by people but not supported because I wouldn’t let them in. 


As a society we are so to ourselves. We’re social distancing in a pandemic but we’ve always been emotionally distant. When we do put ourselves out there we are self-conscious of how others are going to perceive us. We either hide who we are or inflate who are, to fit into this mold of who we think we ought to be. But in reality, we are more loved in our brokenness. It’s in the messiness of our stories that we find connection. I was afraid to show up and be seen by others because I thought my flaws made me unlovable. But it wasn’t until I dared greatly enough to be vulnerable and show my brokenness (or humanness) that I began to know what true love was. 


Vulnerability is the catalyst to human connection. But in order for us to be vulnerable we first must be authentic and in order for us to be authentic we have to be personable

The Girl

I'm a teacher, speaker, and a storyteller. Our lives are living epistles and I love being able to know the story of someone and how they came to be through discovering their heart.

I live to create shared moments of vulnerability and authenticity that enable transformational experiences and Personable is the vehicle to do just that.

By day I work as a People Analyst using social science, experimentation, and statistics to help design one of the world's most innovative organizations. By night I'm living out my purpose through teaching/hosting bible studies, delivering workshops on the concepts from The Personable Life, mentorship of middle schoolers, and my love for the simple things. 

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For context this is what I mean when I say my buzzwords. 

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