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My Struggle to Live Life Authentically

The Struggle of


We all want to be deeply known and infinitely loved but in order to do that we have to let ourselves be seen. The Personable Life follows the struggle of consistently making the choice to be transparent, real, and human. It’s the choice that enables us to connect with others when we release who we think we should be to embrace who we are.

We’re here to show up and be seen, engage with our stories, and own our truth. It’s time for us to be bold, honest, and courageous by authentically braving connection in our everyday lives. 



I'm an old soul. Sunset loving. Avid traveler. Aggressively friendly stranger who wants to befriend you. Dance to my own off-beat drum. Crazy plant mom. Zara wearing type of chick.

But you can call me Lena. An Oakland based high achiever who simply loves people. For so long I believed that I wasn't good at anything except connecting with people but ding ding ding that's a rare skill to have. So here I am doing what I do best: speaking, teaching, and storytelling. 

I am the light that allows others to show up and be seen.

Blog & Inspiration

See life through my eyes relating to the experiences I have, the relationships I keep, and the mighty God we serve. 




Connection is why we're here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering. So don't suffer, subscribe.

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