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    What should be paid attention to in the process of small electric hydraulic pump

    Release Time:2020-09-11   Clicks:507
    Light small electric hydraulic pump is a more practical equipment, first of all, in the process of use, we must pay attention to the relevant details and matters, because this can effectively ensure the smooth use of the equipment, so as to attract the attention of each operator, so as to more effectively improve the use effect of the equipment. So in the use of small electric hydraulic pump should pay attention to what?

    After operation, all concrete in the hopper and pipeline must be output, and then washed by light electric hydraulic pump, hopper and pipeline. When using compressed air to flush the pipeline, try not to be close to the machine. The setting part of concrete can be removed by scraper to ensure the next work is stable and convenient. Turn the small pistons on both sides of the electric hydraulic pump to the cleaning chamber and apply lubricating oil. Add oil to each lubricating point and apply oil to prevent rust.

    All control switches should return to neutral (or off). Clean up the construction site. In order to effectively improve the good application of the light electric hydraulic pump equipment, we must pay attention to the matters needing attention in the operation of the light electric hydraulic pump equipment.

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