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    The wide application of hydraulic piston pump depends on its product characteri

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    The hydraulic piston pump is driven by a hydraulic power pack to drive the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder advances the conveying cylinder and outputs the materials in the conveying cylinder to the pipeline. Generally divided into single plunger and double plunger, the typical representatives are the four types of solid pumps from Putzmeister, Germany: EKO single plunger pump, KOS, KOV, HSP three double plunger pumps. This pump is a volumetric pump, which is especially suitable for long-distance pipeline transportation of high solids content and viscous materials. Its advantages are very stable and reliable operation, but the noise is large, the transmission pressure can reach 130Bar, and the displacement can reach 0.5 ~ 500 Cubic / hour. Widely used in sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, mining metallurgy, dredging, dredging, petrochemical, power plants, cement industry and other fields.

    Hydraulic piston pumps have been around for decades, and their popularity depends on two main reasons:

    1.They do not need external energy-the force of flowing water provides them with the required energy.

    2.Their device is extremely simple, with only two moving parts.

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